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October 2014   



Welcome to Morck Hotel website and thank you for visiting! This site, like the Morck, is a work-in-progress. The Morck was originally built in 1924 as a grand gathering place for the people of Aberdeen and Grays Harbor. Virtually all events of significance were staged here for its first fifty years. Its renovation has been contemplated for some time as symbol of Aberdeen’s return to its prominence enjoyed during the early-to-mid twentieth century and is embarking on a campaign to raise the $12 million dollars needed for a top-to bottom renovation to a luxury 85-room boutique hotel in the heart of the historic downtown. Applications have been prepared for submittal for National Historic Landmark status and membership in the Historic Hotels of America which reflect the Morck’s profile as an icon of Grays Harbor for nearly nine decades. Centrally located and just two blocks from the recently refurbished D&R Theater, this grand historic property figures to take its place once again as the prominent figure in the vibrancy of downtown Aberdeen.

An excerpt from the Daily World in 2005:  (RESTORING GRANDEUR By Paula Horton - 11-02-05 Aberdeen, WA)

When the Morck opened in downtown Aberdeen in 1924, area businesses and the Chamber of Commerce ran ads hailing it as ushering in a “new epoch in the community life.” It wasn’t much of an exaggeration. The ads also predicted that the 150-room, “strictly modern fireproof” hotel would long stand as a testament to “the courage and farsightedness of those men responsible for its erection.” But like the Davenport in Spokane, the Marcus Whitman in Walla Walla and Hoquiam’s Emerson Hotel, the Morck hit hard times in the 1970s. The grand old hotels, once centerpieces of their communities – home to traveling salesmen, cafes, beauty salons, cigar shops and swank lounges – fell victim to deferred maintenance, motels with off-street parking and malls that eroded downtowns.

 Thankfully, the development team is pleased to be part of the resurgence of this important piece of history and the return to relevance that this former palace will play in the rebirth of Aberdeen and Grays Harbor County!


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